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It is also known as a developmental disorder despite the fact that it can be diagnosed at any age.
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Autism Awareness

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological and developmental disorder affecting some people’s ability to communicate with others. It is also known as a developmental disorder despite the fact that it can be diagnosed at any age because some symptoms are visible in the first two to three years of life; for some people, from 18 months to 5 years.
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The three main areas of autism



Stereotypical behaviour

How and why do some autism cases go undiagnosed and the symptoms of people with autism?

Some of the cases go unnoticed because the children excel in school and their uncomfortableness in terms of social interactions is mild or may be said that they are just shy and would overcome their shyness with time.

What characteristics do children with autism exhibit?

Some of the many challenges children with autism face are stigma from the people around them due to the fact that they don’t communicate and relate with people in the same way people do. They also struggle to read nonverbal cues which are very crucial when interacting with non-autistic people. They learn and understand topics better when it’s taught visually.

Most people who have autism are fully aware of the stigma around them and also how judgemental people are of them. This causes them to use strategies such as concealment and camouflaging to make themselves seen more like the people around them which causes them to begin to lose their identity and undergo a reconstruction concerning their identity and self-disclosure. This causes their mental health to depreciate.

Parents with autism in Ghana receive an alarming amount of backlash. They are accused of countless things such as being part of an occult which is why their child is unable to socialise with their peers as they should. They are also accused of dropping their children as a reason for why their child has autism. They are riveled when in public places with their children because their child is unable to sit or concentrate for a certain period of time. All of these accusations can lead to their mental health decreasing; which will affect their parenting and causes them to not have time to themselves and to heal.


Where can a parent seek help for their children?

Autism Ambassadors for Ghana

+233 123 456 789


+233 123 456 789

Multikids inclusive academy

+233 123 456 789

Sparklers Foundation Ghana

+233 123 456 789

Autism Compassion Ghana

+233 123 456 789

HopeSetter Autism Foundation

+233 123 456 789

Haven International Autism Center

+233 123 456 789

What support can autistic people receive?

Autistic people can receive financial support as well as emotional and material. For low-income families the ngo’s will provide some money as well as goods to support the family. For families who struggle with sitgma, the ngo’s as well as people of understanding would comfort them and help them so their mental health and burden’s would be lifted. People with autism can be supported by people giving them a sense of competence in their instituations of academia and work too. They can be supported by being accepted by the community and by not being judged.

    Autism Awareness